«Queen Of The Night»



POSH – Attention: Storm Warnings!

The singer of POSH at first sight is more elf than warrior but don’t let yourself be put off. Martina is able to shake whole stadiums to the ground with her interplay of tenderly whispered words, vibrant melodic singing and nu-metal inspired rap-parts.

If you ever experienced the band performing live you wouldn’t just have the catchy songs stuck in your mind. The symbiose of the lead singers elf-like appearance combined with an energy as powerful as a hurricane is definitely mind-blowing and will take you by storm.

POSH means powerful riffs, no unnecessary detours – pure cross over alternative rock reduced to the essentials – the band not only were featured regularly on air but were also invited to perform on the main stages at Open Air St. Gallen, Open Air Gampel or Bex Rock Festival to name just a few. And certainly there aren’t many Swiss acts which can pride themselves on support gigs for Stereophonics and Bon Jovi. After a radio silence of some years, POSH is now a strong sign of life and presents a band which picks itself up with renewed vigour and dives into the fray at the front of the pack.